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Study Reveals Optimistic Mindset Is The Key To A Longer Life

Every one of us instinctively prays for a long and healthy life. We often believe, how long we live is entirely out of our hands but interesting research conducted by the Mayo Clinic and other researchers around the world suggests that the key to a longer life may lie with us.

Psychologists from Holland did a study from 1991 to 2001 on elderly people from 65-85 years old and they discovered possibility of death for optimists was twice as less as pessimists. The study conducted with a large sample size over two decades clearly established there was a link between keeping an optimistic view of life and living for something versus having a pessimistic inclination and giving up.

A similar point was proved many decades before when the “placebo effect” was discovered and demonstrated with patients in critical health were given nothing but sugar pills and positive thoughts and they fought their illnesses with far greater success.

Optimism triggers hope / positive inclination / a reason to live

These in turn have an impact on the body and health

Nearly all the studies confirm there is a link between mind and body (and ultimately longevity of life it self). Negativity and pessimism are among the root causes for health issues from stress, eating disorders, addiction, substance abuse and other problems that impact the bodies ability to go on longer. With optimism, it’s quite the opposite and body seems to function better and longer among those that have a positive outlook and stay in good spirits.

So we’ve established that if you wish to live a long healthy and fulfilling life, aside from physically staying fit and healthy, happiness, a sense of purpose and optimism is absolutely key to life itself. However, that can be easier said than done since optimism and finding a positive outlook towards life is a state of mind and not just an instant decision you can make at the flick of a switch. Especially for those who have a pessimistic inclination, turning your mindset around to see things in a new light and be happy / positive is not an easy process by any means but one that is as important (quite literally) as life itself.

It’s more an inner journey one needs to take to genuinely see everything in a positive light with hope that the uncertain future holds good things, good experiences and good relationships and find that optimistic perception within that we’re all born with as children but many of us lose somewhere along the way while growing older.

The important takeaway from all the studies that point to this link is : No matter how difficult it is, finding happiness, and developing an optimistic positive attitude within your life is a process worth putting your heart and soul into.

Once you have this positive attitude that you see things with, everything else becomes easier and falls in place to create the base to living a longer healthier life. It’s easier to eat right, easier to exercise right, easier not to undergo mental illnesses like depression and it will have a positive impact on just about everything that’s important.

In conclusion, happiness and optimism should be our quest or ultimate goal. It’s never too late or too early to start the process of finding a positive outlook and once you have that, health and longevity will follow. So take a happy pill and don’t let the negatives get you down!


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