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Stretches – One! Two! Three! Bend – Stretch -Touch

Warm ups are the most crucial part of an exercise. If your body isn’t properly warmed up, you run the risk of injury. Even though this point is hammered into our heads by instructors and the media both, we tend to forget it at the gym, especially when the cutie we’ve been checking out is finally giving us the appreciative eye – better to be seen lifting weights than doing warm-up exercises, isn’t it?
Actually, it isn’t. It doesn’t matter WHO is looking at you, you have to start your workout with a warmup. Here are a few stretches and warm up exercises:


A brisk 10-minute walk or jog is often the best warmup exercise. Controlled, careful movement is the key, instead of holding the same position, say experts. So, walk, jog, run, whatever makes you happy!


This stretch is used to strengthen the quadriceps. Lift your leg and bend it at the knee, then tuck it behind as if you’re trying to kick yourself in the butt – don’t actually try to kick yourself in the butt, just hold your foot with your hand for a few seconds for the stretch.


It’s a standing stretch. Keep your feet at least a step apart, flat on the floor with the toes pointing forward. Now slowly lower yourself as much as you can, all the while resting your hands on your hips, keeping your back ramrod straight and your weight on your rear foot. Don’t forget to exhale while you’re going down!

4.Lunges on the Side

Remember Joey trying to despoil Chandler’s clothing in that episode of Friends where he wears all of it? This exercise is the same thing, except on the side. (We know you know what we’re talking about, because everyone gets Friends’ references.) Another standing stretch, you need to keep your legs wide apart and your hands on your hips like a sassy school teacher. Then you need to take your entire bodyweight across to one side. Don’t lean forward, and make sure that the knee of the leg that’s bending doesn’t cover your toes. Then lather, rinse, repeat.

These are only four stretches, but they should give you an idea and get you started. For more, keep watching this space!

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