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How to Get Fit Without Going to the Gym

Although fitness should be priority for all of us, most of us don’t have the time to go to the gym and work out as much as we need because of our hectic schedules. So why not bring the gym home? Or use opportunities during our daily routine to get the exercise we need? We’re not saying you
should invest in heavy-duty machinery – just that you can use objects at home, or even a yoga mat, as effectively as your expensive gym.

Here are a few ideas that you should explore:

1. Take a bike to work. We know that if your workplace was within walking distance of your home, you’d probably walk. In case it isn’t, instead of adding to global warming with your car, why not take a bike? It’s great cardio, AND it will save fuel money.

2. Buy a workout DVD. They’re easily and cheaply available and you can pick a style you want – Yoga, Pilates, YogaLates, Zumba, Aerobics etc. They’re all super effective and you can workout at a time that’s convenient to you.

3. Dance. Pick a few songs that make you want to let go and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Jump as much as you can and throw your arms as much as you want.


4. Run. If there’s a jogging space around where you live, or even if the streets are relatively empty in the morning, go for a jog. It’s exhilarating, fun and burns through calories like nothing else.

5. Jumping Jacks. What? You thought they were for kids? Think again! They are supposed to be great cardio, so add them to your fitness at home agenda.

6. Crunches. Abdominal muscles love stomach crunches – a fact we know already. Do a 100 a day – it may sounds daunting now, but it comes easily once you get into the habit.

7. Use your staircase – run up and down your staircase for half an hour. It’s a really good exercise, provided you aren’t a clumsy individual. We don’t want anyone to fall and break their appendages.

As you can see, there are very many ways to keep fit without breaking the bank and paying the gym hundreds of dollars. Good luck and may the motivation be with you!

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