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Are Daily Disposables Good For You?

Not blessed with perfect 20-20 eyesight? Glasses and contact lenses are obviously your best buddies by now. Chances are, if you’ve used glasses your whole life and, at some point, in order to be better looking or more professional, you’ve decided to give contact lenses a whirl. Maybe you’ve tried monthly disposables. Maybe you’re brand new to lenses and want to know if dailies are better than monthlies. In either case, this post is for you.

Here are a few pros of using daily disposable contact lenses:

  1. If you wear lenses rarely, like once or twice a month, then daily contacts are good for you.
  2. For those of you who wear a lot of eye make-up, daily disposables are a good solution.
  3. You can try daily disposables before you buy them – ask your optometrist for samples!
  4. Daily disposable contact lenses don’t need to be cleaned with special lens fluid, as monthly disposable contact lenses do.
  5. They’re the most hygienic, as you’re using fresh new lenses every day, as opposed to the same ones for an extended period of time.
  6. You don’t need any cleaning solutions or lens fluid, so you save up on those costs.
  7. They aren’t dislodged during heavy physical activity, such as sports or exercise.
  8. They come in a variety of colours, if you like to experiment with your looks.

Here are a few cons of using daily disposable contact lenses:

  1. They’re more expensive than monthly disposables.
  2. The materials used in monthly disposables are better, more flexible, lighter on the eyes.
  3. Monthly disposable contacts also retain moisture and are more comfortable.
  4. Lenses can causes eye infections; in case you experience any itching, blurry vision, redness, light-sensitivity, you should consult a doctor immediately.
  5. You can’t wear any contact lenses while you sleep, as it can cause your cornea to swell up and create complications.

Now that you know what the pros and cons of contact lenses, we’re sure that you can make an informed decision. Just remember to remove them at night before you sleep!

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