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10 Brain Boosting Tips

Successful survival in personal and professional space today, needs more than health, wealth and wisdom! One has to be alert, socially intelligent and relevant, to create an impressive impact with his presence of mind. Every trial needs preparations and preparatory steps towards mind and brain development can pump energy into one’s mundane existence. Some of such steps are elaborated below :

1.Good diet and sleep helps in carrying a positive attitude, filled with energy. Lack of the same reflects through mood swings, weakness and dissatisfaction. Lots of water and balanced diet with nuts, green vegetables, milk, eggs, meat and fish help in maintaining metabolism rates. Occasional chocolates and ice creams are mood elevators; so are alcoholic beverages though the later is better avoided.

2.Exercising is important for staying fresh and active. Good diet coupled with routine exercises contributes to a fit body. Fitness not only reflects upon an active life but it also helps in looking well maintained. If the mirror is happy, then there is no other confidence booster that works better!

3.Healthy relationships and pleasant conversation with friends or family unburdens many clots and fulfils one intellectually or even otherwise. Negative people don’t create good impact on the psyche. Spending time with nice people or remembering good times spent with near and dear ones leave one positive and happy.

4.Following a healthy lifestyle is as important as nurturing healthy relationships. Staying away from bad habits and thinking positive helps in brain boosting. Equally important is concentrating on some creative hobby that helps in developing something new.

5.While stress is unavoidable in our busy lives, staying positive towards stress is the only way to combat the issue. One needs to find his own reason to laugh, develop a lighter approach to life, have fun, shop, play games etc. to distract himself.

6.Skills are required for patient listening and constructive reading. These come out with food for thought and abilities to reason out an occurrence from different analytical stand-points. This is an exercise for the brain.

7.Being organized helps in reducing pressure. When goals are set, one is rather free and temperamentally prepared to walk towards it. One may write down the pros and cons of issues and analyse problems or plans from a wholistic angle.

8.Communicating appropriately is much more impactful than talking. Giving time to oneself to understand whether his communication has been appropriately received by the sender would signal towards the core areas of improvement to that effect.

9.Sometimes it is fun to surprise ourselves. Often we don’t realize how we are enslaved by our own rules. Breaking some of them to bring a positive change in life would be self-rejuvenating.

10.Lastly, bowing down to the almighty at the beginning and end of the day brings a positive feel. It keeps us grounded and answerable for all negative acts we consciously undertake throughout the day.


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