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All-In-One Wellness Drinks

Wellness drinks refer to such fluids that arrest all possible factors of concern regarding health and taste. Every individual wants to remain protected from obesity issues, cholesterol issues, bone heart and eye care, hair growth and fall control, etc. However, no one is ready to ignore their taste buds to accommodate strict diet regimen. All these issues occur from deficiencies of protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium, which need to be a staple part of the diet. Wellness drinks can be planned such that all these ingredients are taken care of without sacrificing the pleasure of having it.

There is always the option of extracting fresh juice out of fruits and consuming them, either one at a time or mixed, and serving them with ice-cubes. Lots of fruits and veggies packed in with milk can help prepare smoothies that are even more healthy; just that the ingredients need to be selected such that they are ripe and sweet enough to avoid added sugar. This would bring vitamins from fruits and calcium from milk. Often yoghurt is preferred over milk in such drinks for better taste. Juice mocktails can be made with limeade and ice or a slushy frappe made by blending fruit, fruit juice and ice. Spices are said to have healing effects. A cinnamon cidar prepared with fruits and cinnamon can serve to be a great health drink. Fruit juices or cucumber water mixed with lime and mint can create a refreshing drink that works as energizers.

Cinnamon powder soaked in hot water mixed with honey, when consumed as the first and last drink of the day, helps in fighting obesity. Green tea, barley tea, ginger tea, berry juice keep cholesterol in control. Keeping away soda and including milk or milk based drinks prepared with nuts or juices of  leafy greens and calcium-rich veggies (like broccoli and kale) mixed with powdered edible seeds work in favour of building calcium and hence bones. Carrots, grapes and papaya juice at breakfast are extremely good for eyes; they can be blended with milk to prepare tasty smoothies. Hair care can be accelerated with veggie broth containing tomatoes, spinach, mushroom, turmeric, lettuce, cabbage, etc.

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