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Do College Students Need Sex Education?

The youth experiences the first change in their physicality when they are in school. Sexual urges might start thereon, depending upon their exposure and knowledge. Usually they open themselves to masturbation acts to satisfy their desires. Often it is during their college days that the youth indulges into sexual behaviour and hence requires constant reminders and updates towards sexual hygiene. This is when they need to be subjected to guidance and caution, so that experienced professionals can tell them about what they are getting into. Youngsters in their adolescence tend to dig out information from a wide range of sources like peer discussions, advertising, television and magazines, leaflets, books and websites, not all of which are authentic and accurate. Many are not aware of the fact that being HIV positive does not necessarily mean that one is suffering from AIDs. Students need to be educated primarily on safe sex and sexual abuse, so that they don’t open themselves to infections and unhealthy practices while performing the act. However, sex education should not restrict themselves only to the safety aspect. As much as two people are physically involved in the process, sex has a lot to do with the mind as well.

The sex education imparted in college needs to address young minds ensuring that they feel comfortable in clarifying their doubts, can freely ask questions, correct all misconceptions, understand the procedure and mechanism such that they don’t harm themselves while performing the act for the first time, and return sexually fulfilled. The youth need to know about the different kinds of relationships that delve into love and commitment, marriage and partnership, the laws relating to sexual behaviour and relationships, as well as the range of religious and cultural views on sex. In addition, young people should be provided with information about abortion and sources of support available in the community. This sex education should not restrict themselves only to the students; they should also reach out to the parents requesting and training them to provide psychological support to the youngsters regarding their sexuality.

Proper knowledge and support can help eradicate a lot of social evils like early, unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Without correct information and guidance from experts or doctors, young people may put themselves at greater risk of malnourished information. More than anything else, people need to get over the taboo attached to the topic and treat it like a regular part of life instead of complicating it with added sensitivity.

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