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Preventive measures for an expectant mother!

An expectant mother needs to be cautious not to disturb the baby growing inside her. First and foremost concern is to restrict the diet. Tea, coffee should be reduced due to caffeine content; aerated drinks to be sacrificed because of carbon dioxide content; Chinese food should be avoided because they contain ajinomoto which result in pressure fluctuations. For the same reason one should stay away from red meat. Unwashed fruits, smoking and alcohol are also strict no-no. Traditional beliefs say that certain fruits like ripe papaya need to be kept out of the diet since they generate heat inside the body, which might harm the baby. During pregnancy women are known to have extra urges for certain food. However strong is the urge for having something that might get one allergy or infections, those have to be strongly avoided.

An expectant mother should never lift heavy objects. She should rather be more relaxed with herself, taking proper rest and food. Travel is restricted in the first and third trimester. While air-travel becomes difficult due to pressure differences, road travel brings issues like excessive jerks. If one has a family history towards diabetes and sugar, the chances of the baby catching up with the disease is high. One needs to be careful and take proper prevention measures in such cases, in consultation with her doctor. Fatigue and disturbed mind is also said to be a threat to pregnancy. Any kind of tension, panic, stress or scare needs to be kept away from a pregnant mother.

It is equally important to limit one’s contact with animals during pregnancy; they increase the chances of getting infected with harmful parasites. Unnecessary intake of medicines should be completely stopped and nothing should be consumed without doctor’s advice. Usually folic acid, calcium and iron supplements are given to expecting mothers which should be diligently taken and never be forgotten. All tests and ultrasounds, as prescribed by the doctor, need to be followed with care. However, many would-be parents have the habit of repeating the ultrasound at their will just because they are excited to see the baby inside. This is to be strictly avoided since the rays are not good for the baby growing inside.

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