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Summer Skin Care- Decoded

Summer is essentially go-bare-body! But going bare bodied would need to wait as summer sun creates the need for a special skin care regime that hydrates as well as moisturizes your skin inside out. Only skin-care products (both natural and synthetic) cannot give you that summer glow if you are eating junk, is sleep deprived or are stressed. For a skin that glows with health, here are a few must-follow tips this summer that’ll spare your skin the brunt of the season and leave it dewy soft even as the mercury continues to peak. 

Keep away from the Sun & Sunscreen: For starters, take to shade as often and as long as possible. 10 to 4 is when the sun is at its harshest. If you must step outside, wear a sunblock with SPF 20 or above and one which contains zinc/titanium oxide. Choose your sunscreen carefully- you can get them for your skin type too. Apply lotion half an hour prior to stepping out. 

Berry Boost your diet: Summer brings with it a bounty of fresh produce- especially berries. Grab a handful whenever you can for they will help you load up on antioxidants and prevent tissue damage.

Play more, stress less: If you can, barring 10-4, practically, live outside! Play, run, plant vegetables, play beach volley- the more you sweat, the more you flush out toxins from your body which is very important for a healthy skin. Don’t forget to keep a ready supply of water to sip on!

Exfoliate your skin: Summer is sweaty times and clogged pores at its worst. Take time to exfoliate your body with natural scrubs that removes dead cells and help your skin be supple. One great scrub recipe is coffee bean and olive oil. Use up your coffee bean crush after you’ve made your morning cuppa and throw in a spoonful of olive oil to it. You can use essential oils too. Works wonders and much better than synthetic scrubs!

Use a light moisturizer: Keep water based, light moisturizer with you at all times. It’s not just winters that can rob your skin of its natural oils but summer too. Choose a tinted, light moisturizer for perfectly moisturized blemish coverage.

Replace store bought packs with homemade fruit packs: Fruits are great for your skin and score over market bought ones any day. Banana is very good for oily skin and reduces oil while pineapple and peach on the other hand gives instant glow to your face. To remove dirt build up in pores, use apple extracts. Similarly, for de-tan, mash a ripe papaya and apply on the affected areas to get an instant tan-off.

Keep cologne based wet tissues or spray mist: Sweat is your problem? Cool it off with cologne based spray mist or wipe with soft wet tissues. It not only gives your skin the much needed relief but will also hydrate, cleanse, freshen and help keep acne/boils away.

Taking care of your skin is no rocket science. At the end of it all, the universal proverb of what you sow (intake) is what you shall reap (reflect) holds true for your skin too. For an acne and break out free summer, keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding greasy, heavy food. Squeeze in some exercise- a brisk walk or yoga will not only help your skin stay healthy and glowing in summers but throughout your life, and follow these simple steps to have a summer that’s fun.


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